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11 Must-Have Checking Account Features

a woman manages her finances at home with ease thanks to checking account features like online banking

A checking account is often your first important step into personal finance – and these days they come with much more than just a checkbook. A Telcoe FCU checking account offers all the tools you need to thrive in the modern world.

Checking account features include everything from online and mobile banking to bill pay, mobile deposit, and even notary services. Read on to find out about the must-have features of your preferred checking account.

1. Unlimited Check Writing

Checks are a cornerstone feature of any checking account. While checkbooks may not be as essential as they used to be, there are still times when only a check will do.

Luckily, a Telcoe checking account means you can write as many checks as you want each month. Some accounts, like the Golden Plus Checking, even come with a free box of checks every year!

2. Unlimited Debit Transactions

Now that you can use your debit card to pay for just about anything, big or small, you don't want any restrictions on how often you can use your card.

With unlimited debit transactions on all checking accounts, you can relax knowing that nobody minds if you use your card once or a hundred times a day. Plus, each transaction is free.

3. Free Debit Card

Every Telcoe checking account comes with a free debit card ready for you to use however you like. Plus, you get to enjoy the convenience and security of our debit card fraud alerts service.

4. Free Mobile App and Online Banking

Mobile banking means you can stay on top of your finances anytime, anywhere, whether you're at home, at work, or on the move. Just download our app, log in, and you'll be set to check your balances, make transfers, and more.

In those times when you prefer to use your laptop or computer, you can log into online banking. On our website, you can access your accounts plus find information and resources to boost your experience.

5. Free ATMs

A Telcoe checking account is your entry to the CO-OP and CULIANCE nationwide networks of ATMs. Simply use any of the ATMs in these two great networks and you can enjoy surcharge-free withdrawals. Some ATMs offer free deposits, too.

Our Unlimited Checking account even offers you an ATM Fee Refund of up to $10 a month in case you need to use an out-of-network ATM.

6. Free eStatements

Going over your statement each month is a great way to make sure your finances are all in order as you expect, just like you balance a checkbook.

An eStatement makes that process one step easier because you can check it on your phone or another device any time you want! Plus, if you prefer a paper statement, you can still get one for a small fee.

7. Bill Pay

Paying bills can be simple and hassle-free with bill pay. Use online or mobile banking to enter the details of your payees then choose if you want automatic, recurring payments or to pay manually on a day that suits you.

Bill pay lets you set reminders so you never miss a payment and see snapshots of that month's bills. Best of all, you can use it to pay both companies and individuals.

8. Mobile Deposit

Let's say you get a check in the mail but you're short on time to go to a branch and cash it in. That's where mobile deposit can help!

Just use your phone to take a photo of the check and enter the amount – then the funds will soon be available in your account. This popular checking account feature is literally magic.

9. Dividends

When you think about earning dividends, you probably think of savings accounts. But checking accounts like the Market Investor Checking and Golden Plus Checking can also give a return on your money.

Telcoe offers a competitive dividend rate and annual percentage yield (APY) if you maintain a certain balance, which is a great incentive to get your finances in shape so you can watch your money grow!

10. Unlimited Teller Service

Nothing beats the friendly, personalized service you get when you drop into your local branch and talk to a member services representative face-to-face.

Teller service is another checking account feature that comes with all our Telcoe accounts. Stop by today to get cashier's checks, TurboTax Discounts, and more.

11. Notary Services

You never know when you'll need notary services but, fortunately, a Telcoe checking account means you won't have to spend time and effort trying to find an available notary.

Next time you need to have some important documents witnessed, just contact us ahead of your visit and we'll make sure we have a notary ready to help you in-branch.

Take Advantage of Excellent Checking Account Features Today!

Telcoe FCU offers six checking accounts that are tailored to meet your needs at every stage of your financial journey.

All of our accounts offer the 11 excellent checking account features mentioned above – then different accounts offer bonus features to suit specific goals. Click below for more!


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