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Discovering Little Rock: Free Adventures in the Heart of Arkansas

By: Mikelle Rogers - Telcoe Federal Credit Union

Downtown Little Rock, Arkansas, a place where creative minds and the urban atmosphere paint the streets. Among the many businesses and restaurants, you will find our most creative minds at work. Murals cover the walls, telling stories, evoking mentions and showcasing the rich culture within.

Downtown Little Rock’s murals are a testament to the city’s commitment to public art. Whether you are looking for a nice restaurant to enjoy or just enjoying a Saturday morning, downtown is the place to be. You can watch as plain walls are transformed into canvases capturing a message for the city to see. Check out this fellow mural blog by the City of Little Rock.

As you wander downtown, you'll spot murals all over the River Market District. These colorful paintings show the spirit of our community. It captures the liveliness of the area with vibrant colors. It poses the perfect spot for photos. Make sure to stop by the farmer’s market to check out the local vendors along your way.

If you enjoy biking, check out the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge where you can enjoy views of the Arkansas River and city of Little Rock.

If you enjoy history, check out Central High Museum and the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. The Central High Museum in Little Rock tells the story of the Civil Rights Movement, particularly what happened when Little Rock Central High School became desegregated in 1957.

If art is your thing, check out the Arkansas Museum of Fine Arts. From sculptures to paintings, they have you covered. Make sure to check out the Park Grill and classes offered while you visit.

If you prefer nature over paintings, check out the Arkansas River Trail. It's a 15.6-mile path along the beautiful Arkansas River. You can enjoy views of the river, spot wildlife, and admire the beautiful scenery.

Telcoe Federal Credit Union was founded right here in the heart of downtown Little Rock in 1950. Our office is located in the middle of an artist oasis. If you need access to a surcharge FREE ATM while in Little Rock, you are in luck. Located at 820 Louisiana St. Little Rock you can access funds 24 hours a day.

The city of Little Rock is full of rich history and vibrant culture waiting to be explored. There are many low-cost options to make your weekends fun and educational. So, whether you want to walk, bike, or just learn new things, you can discover all the great things the city has to offer without breaking the bank.

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