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Financial Education Starts Early


In an exciting initiative aimed at fostering career readiness and financial literacy among students, Telcoe Federal Credit Union has teamed up with the Academies of Central Arkansas to launch a groundbreaking project – a student-ran branch at Maumelle High School. This innovative partnership marks a significant milestone in the realm of education, as it not only equips students with practical banking skills but also provides invaluable hands-on experience in the financial industry.

The establishment of a student-ran branch at Maumelle High School highlights Telcoe Federal Credit Union's commitment to empowering the next generation of leaders and professionals. Through this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to gain firsthand experience in various aspects of banking operations, including customer service, financial transactions, and account management. This immersive learning experience will not only enhance their understanding of financial concepts but also prepare them for future careers in the banking industry.

At the heart of this initiative lies the Business & Banking Pathway program, a comprehensive curriculum developed by the Academies of Central Arkansas in collaboration with Telcoe Federal Credit Union and Maumelle High School. This specialized pathway offers students a structured educational framework designed to cultivate essential skills and knowledge required for success in the business and banking sector. By integrating classroom instruction with real-world application, the program enables students to acquire a deep understanding of banking principles and practices.

The student-ran branch at Maumelle High School serves as a dynamic learning environment where students can apply theoretical concepts learned in the classroom to real-life situations. Under the guidance of Telcoe professionals and educators, students will assume various roles within the branch, ranging from tellers and customer service representatives to IT specialists and marketing specialists. This hands-on approach not only fosters a sense of responsibility and accountability but also instills confidence in students as they navigate the complexities of the financial industry.

Additionally, the student-run branch serves as a valuable resource for the entire school community, providing convenient access to banking services and financial education resources. Students, faculty, and staff alike can benefit from personalized financial guidance, workshops, and seminars offered by Telcoe Federal Credit Union experts. By promoting financial literacy and awareness, the branch empowers individuals to make informed decisions about their finances and plan for a secure future.

The partnership between Telcoe Federal Credit Union and the Academies of Central Arkansas to establish a student-run branch at Maumelle High School represents a visionary approach to education and workforce development. By providing students with a unique opportunity to gain practical banking experience and career readiness skills, this initiative

not only prepares them for success in the banking industry but also fosters a lifelong commitment to financial literacy and responsible citizenship. As we celebrate this milestone achievement, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact it will have on students, schools, and communities for years to come.


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